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Trollin' trollin' trollin'

[*] Lochranza asks you to join his/her company. Type `join to accept or `decline to decline.
[*] Lochranza summons you.
(Lines of DragonSpeak: 4200)
[#] WE ARE HIRING: For employment oppurtunities, say @Jobs.

(You see Lochranza.)
> Morally bankrupt. [www.stripgenerator.com/viewEng.php?id=104436">Hurrah!] I taste like citrus!
Kyuichi Yamatimoto flinched and looked up, staring blankly at Yuki. He then sighed and looked down again. Growling pissily to himself.

(You see Kyuichi Yamatimoto.)
> Among the thundering footsteps and laughter of those crowding the room, one certain feline sticks out like a sore thumb. His bubblegum colored bangs hung over his piercing emerald orbs and his thin body, coated with silky cream fur, was hugged by the tightest of black clothing with accents of pink and gray. He sat by himself, smiling faintly as he peered at you. The angelic boy's erotic gaze calling to you from afar. (On the run pet/slave) (Gay) (Normally uke) (Yiff/NC) (IC - 17) (Brother : Taichi Y

(You see Archon Nakinly.)
> This equine is not as large as you might expect, but then as he approaches you notice that he is extremely muscle bound and stocky. There is an intensity of being in his eyes that belies an extremely strong personality. He doesn't bother carrying any weapons, but something tells you he doesn't need any... [bi][extremely dominant][slaver][likes rough play][whisper friendly][www.deviantart.com/deviation/28241168 thanks Arie]

(You see Loveless Yuki.)
> A young Cat-Boy strides before you. His white attire and heavenly smell of rose's aluring and provocative float around this male and seems to strike images in the minds of others of love and intimace. As much as his beauty and grace may show of him. This desert rose is not what he seems.[Single] [Not looking] [Bartender@Dridiris] [Bro:Striderzzz]

Loveless Yuki blinked and felt akward. He wouldent talk much for the rest of the night. But he soon forgets and looks around "You ok Kyu?" he asked concered
Kyuichi Yamatimoto looked up to Yuki then shrugged. Visably upset. He glanced silently to Kigashi again then curled up.

(You see Mandaliet.)
> Trying to find that quiet place where living is breathing, not knowing is understanding, coming is going, but my heart just beats faster and faster. www.mandaliet.com/furcqdb">Check out my Furc quote database! I'm also trying to promote my comic. Check out my comic. Norie rocks because she gave me a gryffe. http://www.mandaliet.com/

* 3634 total players online. Uptime 17 days 15:08
* Current players: Kyuichi Yamatimoto, Kigashi Rishiku, Dridiris, Neko Nick, Loveless Yuki, Archon Nakinly, Lochranza, Mandaliet, Buddha Stalin.
* 9 players in the dream of Dridiris - Gay Yiff Club [Hiring].
* Max players this session: 4502
* Max players today: 4305

Loveless Yuki sighed and walked up to Kyu "You wanna talk in private hun.. I hate seeing a customer in dissaray"
Lochranza swats at the mid-air eagle.
Kigashi Rishiku: [going AFK, people.]
Mandaliet pecks Lochranza until blood is drawn like a hastily scribbled portrait.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto shook his head then forced on a smile, a fake one. "I'm.. okay.."
Lochranza weeps openly, unconcerned about his image.
Mandaliet steals Lochranza's image and stows it away in his private collection.
Loveless Yuki leaned over the bar and gave the male a hug hopeing it would make him feel better. He softly kissed the males forhead and huged him again once more before he leaned back into his seat.
Lochranza mourns the loss of said image, so distraught that he resorts to mingling with the commonfolk.
Lochranza weeps into Buddha's lap, blubbering.
Buddha Stalin pats the young Gryffe's head, frowning slightly.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto chuckled faintly, a soft smile gracing his lips now. "I'm fine, Yuki, really.. Just a bit confused, but don't fret." He reached over the bar and cupped Yuki's cheek. The thin feline grinned. "You're too pretty to fret."
Lochranza continues blurting out nonsense, "He ... my honour ... blood ... oh, the horror!"
Mandaliet pecks the table in front of him.
Buddha Stalin is a bit freaked out by this, but grasps Loch tightly.

Lochranza realizes suddenly that he's sitting with his beak lodged into Buddha's lap, pulls back slightly.
Loveless Yuki blushed slightly and smiled a soft smile of care and thanks "Thank you, but please dont grace me with such....I care for all and I love all there for when one is down trotted or at a loose end I rise them and tie all the bonds..." he slowly noded "You can tell me anything my dear.. but I will trust your word and take it you are at ease" he bowed some being more of his trueself then he usually let others see, after all this desert rose is not what he seems. He walked to the comotion at Kyu's right seeing if all was alright "Yall ok?"
Mandaliet chirps!
Lochranza translates, "He says he wants a drink. Blood."
Mandaliet: No, you fool, a bloody Mary!

Mandaliet grumbles at the uneducated yellow monster.
Loveless Yuki smiles and pets the bird "Blood... I see... well we have it, and as the tender I'll ofcuarse fetch it." he pulled back his hand and fetches what he desires "Bloody mary is it?"
Mandaliet: Yes, thank you.
Mandaliet pecks at his cocktail.
Lochranza, insulted, runs away, wailing.
Mandaliet considers his last whaling trip.
Buddha Stalin covers his sensitive ears.
Loveless Yuki smiled softly and ducked under the bar fetching a glass and filling it with the usual ingredients for a bloody marry. He smiled and leaned back up and over the bar. "For the little birdy on the spot a nice bloody mary.....Enjoy"
Kyuichi Yamatimoto stares at the others in the room, utterly confused. His long tail, poking out of his short-shorts, twists in mid-air.
Lochranza apologizes profusely for making a scene.
Loveless Yuki blinks "Why are you whailing?"
Lochranza points at Mandaliet.
Loveless Yuki shrugs "Its ok, I personaly prefer drama, even if dridiris usually ejects the ones causeing it but it would seem I have the floor... what happened"

Lochranza sniffles, "He .. he doesn't love me anymore."
Loveless Yuki looks to Mandaliet "Why?"
Mandaliet passes out, his bird brain not accustomed to the drinks of large mammals.
Loveless Yuki loves you ^.^
Lochranza grins, as that is clearly all that matters.
Lochranza nudges the bird out of his seat.
Mandaliet collapses onto the floor.
Loveless Yuki blinks
Loveless Yuki leans over the bar and grabs the bird bringing it up to his chest and cradaling it in his arms
Loveless Yuki: "Poor bird.. I should have known..."
Lochranza shakes his head, "Happens all the time. He's a drunk."
Mandaliet belches in the most foul manner imaginable.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto yawns quietly to himself and watched Yuki with the fowel. A disgusted look on his face. The feline, wearing nothing but a tight black silk shirt and leather short-shorts, curls up.
Loveless Yuki blinks and looks blank a moment
Loveless Yuki is glad it came out the attic and not the basement so to speack >.>
Lochranza snickers, tilting his head to sneak a brief glance in Kyuichi's direction.

Loveless Yuki looked to Kyu and sighed, he then looked to the bird "Exscuse you?
Loveless Yuki: *exscuse you
Kyuichi Yamatimoto peered at the phoenix before running a hand through his short, radiant pink locks. "Yuki.. The fowel might have fleas or something, you know.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: "
Loveless Yuki: [forget the ]
Lochranza: [gryffe*]
Buddha Stalin hides his mouth with the back of his hand as he lets out a vibrant titter.
Loveless Yuki shrugs "Birds dont have fleas....and I dont give a care, he's colasped I cant just have him on the floor so I have to hold him."
Lochranza extends his wings a moment, showcasing his wingspan, pretending to be merely stretching. "He doesn't have fleas."

Mandaliet mutters incoherently.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto sighs quietly. "I sure hope not." He glanced to the bird then huffed. "If I end up doing Yuki, I don't want to get fleas or ticks from it." He spoke as casually as can be.
Loveless Yuki rubbs his hand on the birds back and humming alittle. His tail fished behind him and wraped around a bottle of water. He brought the bottle to his mouth and sucked the top off not at all in a sexual way, his hands were full and his tail was wraped around the bottle. He streched his tail to the bird with bottle at tail "Can you hear me Birdy?"
Mandaliet: Fumbghr plrtlbff.
Loveless Yuki chuckled "Hun I dont have fleas and this creature does not have fleas... just a bad case of drunk and disorderly" He shruged and brought the bottle to the birds mouth "Drink it"
Mandaliet drools.
Loveless Yuki: [sorry]

Kyuichi Yamatimoto glares bitterly at the bird. "Ew.." He then looked to Yuki and smirked. "Fetch me something to drink, beautiful. Vodka should be fine."
Lochranza considers briefly whether or not his wings are long enough to whack Kyuichi from where he's sitting.
Loveless Yuki noded and looked to the bird "Hun im gonna carry you to a room so you can rest, I have costumers that need to be served, when my duity is done I'll come to your side and make sure you are at ease. Is that ok?"
Kyuichi Yamatimoto glanced to the phoenix and then ran a hand through his silky locks once again.
Loveless Yuki honestly wondered why he asked, the bird was KO
Lochranza: [gryffe!*]
Loveless Yuki: [he's a gryffe]
Lochranza: [i'm not a phoenix >>]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [x.x Same difference.]
Lochranza: [uh, no.]
Loveless Yuki: [xD]
Lochranza: [big difference.]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [You're a pigeon, how bout that? >D]
Loveless Yuki: [oh you guys xD]
Lochranza: [don't make me beat you]

Kyuichi Yamatimoto: ['Spank me!' -Shuts up.-]
Loveless Yuki: [shhh its ok, he ment gryffe]
Lochranza tilts to the left slightly, briefly nudging Kyuchi aside with his wing.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto glances over to Lochranze, flinching slightly. The beautiful furre narrowed his eyes. "What..?"
Loveless Yuki: "yall two cool it ok or I'll have to spank you!" he scoffed

Lochranza's expression softens, shrugging, "It was an accident, clearly!"
Kyuichi Yamatimoto grinned darkly. "If thats the case, i'll keep it up." He then looked to Lochranze and huffed.
Buddha Stalin leans into the bar to watch more closely, slightly raising one eyebrow.
Cyan Spirt looks over at his worker, "spanking patrons are we Yuki?" as he laughs.

(You see Cyan Spirt.)
> A young wolf shambles across your path, his fur begining to grow back, a slight blue fuzz covering his right side. though the new fur can't cover the now plentiful small cuts that covered his form. his body seeming slightly malnurished as his ribs can plainly be seen on his bare chest. [virgin] [adopted sons: Pyro Mac, Koh Sec Spirt, Edmond Hershey, Johabi, Werewolf Terry, Kokoro Coldfire] [married to Joshua McDermott] [owner of CSMHC, shrink at YBC] http://www.freewebs.com/cyanspirt/

Loveless Yuki awaited the birds answer so he could return to work"Mandaliet... can you hear me?"
Mandaliet: Mwuh?
shxx returns for more educational lectures on sake.
Loveless Yuki blinks and sighs "Do you want me to carry you to a room so you can wait out the after effects of that drink?" Yuki felt somewhat at fault, he should have known the bird couldent take the drink and he sighed
Loveless Yuki: [No lectures at the moment ^^]
shxx: [aww]
Mandaliet: mm? no I'm...
Mandaliet falls asleep again.
shxx eyes the drunkard disapprovingly.
Loveless Yuki presses the button for the overhead and it waits for him to show another educational lecture >.>
Lochranza shields the rodent inside of his wing.

(You see shxx.)

shxx frowns at the wing, obscuring her view of the overhead screen.

Kyuichi Yamatimoto yawns quietly to himself, shifting in his tight clothing. "Can't you just throw the bird outside?"
Loveless Yuki sighs and leaps over the bar with bird at hand craiddled in his arms "Cy, I'll be back, I need to make sure he is ok." he walked off with the bird in his arms. He stoped the door "If I did that that would be inhumane and I wont stand for it. I cant just throw some hapless patron outside... esspecialy a unconcious bird." he scoffed as he walked off
Lochranza lifts his wing a little.
shxx: [he seems to be temporarily afk]
Lochranza: [pretend he's not here! >>]
shxx: [yes! for shame, manda]
Lochranza: [ah, there]
Mandaliet: [I am full of lag.]
shxx: [sure, lag]
shxx mutters to himself, "lousy eagle drunkards"
Lochranza whacks with his wing.
Kyuichi Yamatimoto flicked his tail, which was lined with many silver rings, behind his back. He then looked over to Shxx and smirked, his beautiful emerald eyes gleaming in the light.
shxx is knocked over clumsily by Loch's wing.

Lochranza apologizes profusely!
Kyuichi Yamatimoto glares at Loch's wing and scoffed. Staying quiet.
shxx fearfully stammers, "N-no probrem, sir! It's my fault!!"
shxx must have a japanese accent.
Lochranza turns to face the forward, toward the bar, accidentally allowing his wings to brush against Kyuichi. "No, no, it was all my fault."
Kyuichi Yamatimoto leaned away from the other's wing and glared. "Watch what you're doing, bird."
Lochranza: "I'm a gryphon, actuall."
Lochranza: [actually*]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto rolled his eyes. "Well, then what what you're doing, 'gryphon.'"
Lochranza scowls, "I'll be sure to, kitty."
Kyuichi Yamatimoto raises from his seat, his pink tail flicking behind him. He then walks over to Kigashi and reaches out, wrapping his arms around the canine's neck. "Hello again, beautiful~"

shxx notices that Yuki is back and gives him a knowing wink. "Took care of that eagle, did you?"
Loveless Yuki dident forget the feline and fetched a glass of vodka previously for him. he layed it on the bar.
Loveless Yuki nods "Yes he is sleeping well with a glass of water as well as a tylenol for those icky head acks
Loveless Yuki: "
shxx seems somewhat disappointed. "Ah...."
Lochranza uses his wings to shield his eyes.

(You see Kigashi Rishiku.)
> This canine is of white fur, that which matches the sands of beaches. His eyes are a brilliant candy pink with wide pupils, his hair (most of the time) and clothes match. No, he is not an albino, for his nose is still of black pigment. He is, however, sensual and graceful. Stranding about 6' 7" [197 cm], one has to wonder why he chooses to be so effeminite. [Silver pendant: BoyToy@DriedIris]
Lochranza uncovers his eyes, peering over the bar at Yuki. "I do believe you owe us a lecture on sake?"

(You see Foul Ole Ron.)
> Bugrit. Millenium hand and shrimp.

Foul Ole Ron stumbles in and stinks the place up.
Loveless Yuki blinks "Another?"
Lochranza nods, motioning toward shxx. "He'd love one."
Kigashi Rishiku slowly turns and looks to Kyu. "K...Kyu?" He blinks and shakes his head a bit. "Did you miss me that much?"
shxx: "Yes please."
Kyuichi Yamatimoto snickers and nods. "I did. Did you miss me?" He pulled back just a bit and frowned, pouting a playful and seductive manner.
Loveless Yuki giggles "Well what we covered hun was pretty much it entirely, sake is made and produced in japan, made with sake rice and what not... how about I lecture you on something else that you might be of intrest in?"
Kigashi Rishiku chuckles. "Well, I do miss those I get attached to..."
Kyuichi Yamatimoto laughed and ran his hands down the canine's side. Shamelessly slipping two hands into Kigashi's trousers from the back. "Heh. I knew it."
shxx ponders for a moment and then responds, "Do you have any educational lectures on Algebra?"
Kigashi Rishiku: [Kigashi wears a kimono...]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [-Knew that!- ><; ]
Lochranza pushes his spectacles further up his beak, preparing a notepad and pen.
Loveless Yuki blinks "Me.. and algebra....are like... That bird and the bloody marry..." he shrugs
Kigashi Rishiku blushes deeply and squirms a little, a bit nervous...
Loveless Yuki: [I dont know crap about algebra x.x]
shxx"Oh, I see..." He seems a bit disappointed again.
Kigashi Rishiku: [I should be signing off. Nini peoples. Bai bai buuuu!]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [Nuu~]
Kigashi Rishiku: [It's like 11:40 @_@']
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [Mean. T_T]
Loveless Yuki sighs
Kigashi Rishiku: [nini]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto: [x.x Later.]
Loveless Yuki wonders to himself
Loveless Yuki snaps his fingers "BIOLOGY!!!"
Kyuichi Yamatimoto takes his vodka and sips it while peering at Yuki. Observing the 'fresh meat'.
Loveless Yuki smiles and presses the over head button
shxx applauds happily. "Yay!"
Loveless Yuki pulls out his yard stick and clicker and smiles placeing a cd into the projecter labbled "Mitochondria" he giggled alittle and pressed the clicker showing an image of the cell organelles called mitochondria "Anyone know what this is?" he said as he wacked the white overhead with his yard stick
Kyuichi Yamatimoto soon finished his vodka at a scarily quick pace and sits his mug down on the surface. "Give me another, Yuki."
Loveless Yuki smiled and fetched another glass of vodka for the male "Ok hun, heres ya go ^^"
shxx raises his arm. "TEACHER!!"
Loveless Yuki answers "Yes?"
Kyuichi Yamatimoto takes the mug and begins to down it, a few gulps before the mug is nearly empty again.
shxx: "It's, it's.... it's the chloroplast?"
Loveless Yuki shrugs "Close... very close my friend.."
shxx frowns and settles back in his chair. "Aww..."
Foul Ole Ron: Is it the Jewish flag duster?
Loveless Yuki snickers and shakes his head "No.. its not hehe" he looks to the yellow gryffe "How about you, can you guess for little ol me?"
Lochranza: [i haven't a clue what the question is! my computer restarted .. ]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto set his mug aside and slumped down, resting his chin on the tabletop. Looking abnormally sad and lonely as he observed the others.
Loveless Yuki: [....]
Lochranza: [ ... ]
Lochranza: "Err, pie?"
Foul Ole Ron: Banana banana banana banana terracotta banana terracotta terracotta pie.
Loveless Yuki laughs really hard and presses the clicker showing the word "MITOCHONDRIA" in big bold neon letters. it then shows "YOU ALL LOSE 100 POINTS" he presses the clcker again and it shows WHO EVER SAID CLOROPLASTS GETS 50 POINTS
shxx rejoices wildly!
Kyuichi Yamatimoto sits up and huffs to himself.
Foul Ole Ron: Chloroplasts.
Foul Ole Ron: Oh, my cursed lag!
Loveless Yuki hugs Kyu just to make him smile and then quickly returning to his post
shxx: [I'm afraid I must go now!
Loveless Yuki: [bye ^^]
shxx runs away very quickly!
Kyuichi Yamatimoto doesnt hug back and infact, grasps Yuki's hand. Not letting the feline pull back completely.
Loveless Yuki feels a tug on his hand and flinches looking to Kyu "Is something the matter?..." he said softly and concered
Kyuichi Yamatimoto nods and brings the other's hand to his face, nuzzling it affectionately. Even brushing his lips over the fur. "No, nothing.. The lack of ass in here is getting to me, however." He chuckled evilly.

[#] All doors have been unlocked. If you are in a room and wish to keep your privacy, please relock your door. Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

(You see Drake Wolfwood.)
> http://www.psumonix.com/furc/?login=Drake_Wolfwood Look before Rping please. [Male-Bi, Fox]

Loveless Yuki blushed some and pulled his hand back. He needed it to teach anyways
Kyuichi Yamatimoto huffed to himself and eyed Yuki before glancing around to the others. Utterly bored.
Mackenzie Sullivan smiles winningly at Kyuichi.
Loveless Yuki shakes his head and looks to the yellow gryffe "Ok. well would you like to continue?...I have to go soon so I'll leave you a paper on the subject if you would like"
Lochranza: "Err, no, thank you."
Loveless Yuki nods
Kyuichi Yamatimoto smirks and sighs, the tail poked from his shorts twisting in the air behind him. "You're leaving, Yuki?"
Loveless Yuki presses the over head button makeing the over head wind up and return, whaile the projector resseded inder the bar. "I swear I have no Idea why we would have a projector at the bar..." he chuckled and decided to leave the cd in the projector, he'll get to it eventially. He then looked to Kyu "Yes, I must be going soon."
Loveless Yuki: [typo typhoon.. sorry ><]
Kyuichi Yamatimoto propped his elbow on the countertop and leaned his cheek against his lifted palm. "Aww, bummer. I guess i'll have to fuck you next time then, hm?"
Loveless Yuki blinked and looked uneasy a moment and shook his head "What it the matter with you...." he shook his head and sighed looking to his watch and leaveing just before he pressed the button for the drones
Kyuichi Yamatimoto snickers then goes quiet, sipping his drink.

(You see Mackenzie Sullivan.)

Mackenzie Sullivan winks at Ron.
Tove whistles wonderingly "This is about as busy as i've ever seen this place..." he announces to nobody in particular, taking a seat at the end of the bar.
Foul Ole Ron runs away screaming!

(You see Tove.)
> A sturdy domestic-breed feline of twenty years, 5"9, 85kg. Covered in short, sleek fur all over with long black stripes dyed into the pale tan pelt. Long headfur, almost a mane, is worn loose around his ears. He wears an odd orange dress shirt of slick flexible fabric, long sleeved with a long tipped collar and no fasteners or pockets, worn open with nothing underneath. On the bottom half Tove wears plain blue button-up denim pants loose and low on his hips.

Mackenzie Sullivan pouts.
Tove rolls his eyes "About right..." he mutters before scooting away on a mission unknown.
Buddha Stalin catches Mackenzie's wink from the corner of his eye and waves.
Mackenzie Sullivan licks his lips in a seductive manner.
Buddha Stalin smiles at Mackenzie quickly, whiping away the blood trickling like a sticky river from between his teeth.
Mackenzie Sullivan manages to catch the sight of that and, worried, touches tentatively at his own neck.
Buddha Stalin sits behind Mackenzie to peer at his lovely head... full of luscious... brainmeats.
Mackenzie Sullivan can feel Buddha's eyes bore holes into his skull.
Buddha Stalin shudders with delight as he imagines Mackenzie's various fluids squish between his toes. He begins to rub his left arm with his right with almost manic glee.
Mackenzie Sullivan, panicked, wheels around quickly in time to witness the movement for himself. "I .. er .. er .. my ... err .. dad ... dying .. " rises, preparing to flee.
Buddha Stalin catches Mackenzie by the arm in a firm, sweat-slicked grip. He peers into Mackenzie's eyes intently, pupils retracted beyond normal limit. His breath quickens to small ghasps.
Mackenzie Sullivan, trembling, attempts to pull his arm free of Buddha's tight, slimy grip. Brow furrowed, his lips part, unable to articulate more than a mere terrified shriek.

(You see Mackenzie Sullivan.)

Buddha Stalin's grip holds fast, though he is shuddering almost violently with excitement and anticipation. He brings his face close to Mackenzie's.
Mackenzie Sullivan manages to lean back by degrees, avoiding Buddha's putrid, hot breath against his fur. "Le-Let me go," he stammers, visible frightened, shaking nearly as violently as Buddha, "or I-I'll scream!"
Buddha Stalin: "I'm sorry," he says in a high voice, reminiscent of a stifled shriek,"you wouldn't... happen to have the time. Would you?"
Mackenzie Sullivan, confused, lifts his free wrist to his face -- fortunately, felines rarely forget their wristwatches. "Nearly noon," he answers, relieved.
Buddha Stalin releases the grip on Mackenzie's arm,"Oh, thank you," he says, as he whipes away the blood trickling slowly from his mouth again.
Mackenzie Sullivan also offers him his handkerchief, frowning. "You seem to be ... bleeding from the mouth, sir."
Buddha Stalin giggles, causing more blood to spill forth from his mouth, and takes the handkercheif.
Mackenzie Sullivan worries for the safety of his hanky.
Buddha Stalin dabs daintily at his lips and hands Mackenzie back the handkerchief.
Mackenzie Sullivan pockets the handkerchief and proceeds to head for the nearest exit.
Mackenzie Sullivan returns, offering his humblest apologies, and gesturing vaguely toward the private rooms. "Fancy a quickie?"
Buddha Stalin: Grins deviously,"Fuck yes!" he ejaculates, spraying blood here and there.
Mackenzie Sullivan wipes his face, having been sprayed with said blood.
Buddha Stalin happily skips towards the rooms.

[#] Dice Room. Say Roll-Romantic, Roll-Yiffy, or Roll-Erotic to play different dice games.

[#] Say the roll command to play. Whoever is sitting in a clockwise position to the roller, the roller must do the action to.

Mackenzie Sullivan follows.

[#] As you ascend the stairs into the second level of the bar, you catch the scent of sex wafting about.

Here you will find private rooms designed for private fun.
Buddha Stalin: What the fuck is with this layout?
Mackenzie Sullivan: THIS IS NO BEACH
Mackenzie Sullivan: WHERE'S THE SEX?!
Mackenzie Sullivan searches.
Buddha Stalin: They must not clean very well, the scent of sex is EVERYWHERE
Mackenzie Sullivan: hee.
Mackenzie Sullivan: dirty cockmunches.
Mackenzie Sullivan humps wildly!
Buddha Stalin: I'm gonna kill this alt now.
Mackenzie Sullivan broke his yiffer.
Mackenzie Sullivan: K.

And thus we survived a room full of sex-crazed 14-year old girls who watch too much animeI MEAN gay men.
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